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Game summary:

Agent A is a spy themed puzzle game for Smartphones, Tablets and erm… Shoephones?! Your mission (should you choose to accept of course) is to infiltrate enemy spy Ruby La Rouge’s secret hideaway and catch her! Uncover a stylish 60s themed world full of hidden contraptions and clever logic based puzzles. Oh and do be careful, Miss La Rouge has a taste for dismissing agents such as yourself…



Out Now for both iOS and Android

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Chapter 4

Available 7 Dec 2017

iOS & Android trailer


Agent A will make its long awaited debut on Android via the Google Play store on Oct 27. For the first time since debuting on shoePhone you will now be able to try and catch that dangerous spy ‘Ruby La Rouge’ on your Android phones and tablets! Be sure to let your secret agent friends know.

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Early game information:

Agent A is a spy themed puzzle game where you play as secret Agent A. Your mission is to catch a deadly enemy spy named Ruby La Rouge who has been targeting fellow agents.

The game begins outside of Ruby’s secret hideaway. You need to work out how to get inside the lair and catch her.

You play through the eyes of Agent A with interaction reminiscent to ‘The Room’ but with more of an emphasis on logical inventory based puzzles. Collecting items and working out how to use them throughout the house is the core functionality of the game. We have really placed an emphasis on making clever puzzles that are logic based. Puzzles that reward the player for being observant and taking mental notes (like a good agent would) as opposed to those kind of adventure/puzzle games where you feel like you’re just trying out random items until they work.

There are 15 rooms to explore, 30 inventory based puzzles and 20 puzzle screens like below:

The game is built in 3D however we designed the art in a 2D illustrative style based on a 1960s retro feel to add some charm to the visuals. As you traverse through the space, panels and objects all open or reveal in a 3D way while still looking quite stylised.

Teaser Trailer

About the Yak & co team:

Contact: Mark White
mark (at)

The core team members of Yak & co are Mark White (Art) and Jason Rawlings (Code). The two have worked together at Millipede (developers of Dumb Ways to Die 2) for 5 years, with over 25 years industry experience between them.

Mark previously worked at Firemint/EA on projects such as Real Racing 2 and Spy Mouse. He spent 3 years in his spare time developing Tasty Tadpoles ( which released with excellent reviews from the gaming media:

4.5/5 "Who knew being a tadpole was so much fun?" - Gamezebo
4/5 "It's just a great game to kick back on the couch and play. While contemplating your cute little tadpole's path through the pond, you too will soon find yourself in an amphibian-induced trance." - TouchArcade
4/4 (Must Have) "Tasty Tadpoles offers an enjoyable experience that should sate the hunger of most puzzle fans." - Slide to Play

Jason has been programming and creating games for 15 years, specialising in a vast array of disciplines, all of which contribute to his ability to create highly polished content with great depth and immersion. Areas of particular focus include backend architecture & toolchains enabling small teams to produce large scale projects, physics simulation, natural user input schemes and intuitive game design. Always striving to keep up with the evolution of technology, creating mobile games has kept him busy since the advent of the iPhone.

To keep up with the tide of infinitely expanding platforms, the team are avid supporters of cross-platform and middleware tools such as the Unity game engine, freeing up more time for content production and being able to truly focus on the game design.